Choosing a Removal Van

Choosing the right removal van for your needs is a vital part of the moving process. Whether you’re moving to a new home, relocating across the country, or even leaving the country to pursue further studies, there are many factors to consider. First, you must consider how many vans you will require. The number of vans you’ll require depends on the specific circumstances of your move. For example, you might need a second van for each of your family members, or perhaps a student moving out to another country.


A medium wheelbase (MWB) removal van is a popular choice for home and office removals. This type of van has a high roof and easy loading platform, making it a cost-effective option. Its size and load capacity depend on the make and model, but on average, it can hold between 30 and 40 boxes.

The MWB removal van has ample room to accommodate up to thirty medium-sized boxes, which is the equivalent of filling up a shed. However, if you have a large item, like a washing machine, you will need to subtract a few boxes 포장 이사 for implied space. That would leave you with twenty-five medium-size boxes, which would easily fit alongside your washing machine.


If you are moving a small property and need a van that can fit all your items, an LWB is the van for you. The LWB is a popular choice for people moving from a studio apartment, to a small house, or for cleaning out a garage. Its long wheelbase and low roof make it an ideal option for moving a single room, or moving a number of smaller items. An LWB can fit up to 50 boxes, and can transport a lot of furniture.

While the LWB is the most popular type of removal van, there are also other options available for moving larger items. For example, the Luton van is a popular choice for small house moves in London, as it is narrow enough to fit through narrow streets. Moreover, it matches up with most LWB models when it comes to payload capacities. Additionally, unlike some other types of vans, Lutons do not have wheel arches in the storage compartment, making loading much easier.


The Luton removal van is one of the most popular types of vans used in the moving industry. Its long wheel base and large box on the back are ideal for transporting large items. It is also equipped with a tail lift to carry heavy items. The Luton removal van is an efficient way to move homes and offices in the area.

The Luton removal van is available in two different sizes. The 3.5 tonner is ideal for small to medium-sized houses while the 7.5 tonner is suitable for larger houses. Both sizes come with automatic tail lifts.


The pantechnicon removal van was a horse-drawn vehicle used by a British company to transport furniture from one location to another. While the word “van” is American, the term originated in British English. The van was used for both 이사 비용 furniture delivery and collection. It has a unique meaning to the English language, and is still commonly used today.

The van was named for the company that owned it, which was based in London. The company had horse-drawn vans that were very distinctive. The vans were also quite large, and people often noticed them. In 1876, the building that housed the company burned, but the vans survived and became the standard for other removal firms.

3.5 Tonne

When you’re making a move, it’s important to consider how much you’ll need your van to move. A 3.5 Tonne Luton Transit van is perfect for smaller moves, while a 7.5 Tonne purpose built removal van is more suitable for medium-sized moves. Both sizes come with automatic tail lifts that make loading and unloading much easier.

This size of van is ideal for a two or three-bedroom house. It will hold around 40-50 boxes of personal possessions, two to three sofas, two double and two single wardrobes, and most kitchen appliances. It’s also the perfect size for downsizing from a larger home.