Elevate Your Desserts With a Cake Stand

Displaying a cake on a beautiful stand elevates the piece to a showstopper. But you can also use stands to display other desserts, like pies or cookies.


Simple and effective, glass stands allow the focus to remain on your delicious baked goods. They’re available in color variations, too. A slightly raised rim catches crumbs and helps keep sauces from spilling over.

Acacia Wood Dome Cake Stand

Upgrade your countertop with a modern, functional cake stand. These single-level stands can class up any homemade cake or batch of cupcakes and cookies on the counter, while tiered stands make your bake sales and other public events more appealing. Functional cake stands often include sets of tools, like spatulas, icing smoothers and decorating combs, to help you ice your creations.

This Acacia wood serving board with a tall glass dome adds warm, natural sophistication to your home decor. It’s great for serving up colorful birthday cakes, impromptu pastry celebrations and cheese plates and for bringing muffins, bagels, fruits, vegetables and tarts to brunches and potlucks. This set also makes an excellent gift for your favorite baker or hostess.

This Libbey cake stand is made of clear, durable acrylic and has an Acacia wood knob that adds a luxurious sentiment to any serving display. It’s the perfect height to hold most full-sized cakes and is designed to elevate your baked goods, whether you’re preparing a large party or bringing snacks to a potluck.

Libbey Clear Glass Cake Stand

This elegant, clear glass cake stand elevates a dessert without distracting from its beauty. Its tall base is sturdy enough to support a variety of dishes and can blend in with a full table setting, too. We also like that the lid has a low-profile lip that prevents crumbs and spills during transport or serving. The glass is made in Poland and hand-blown, so it feels more luxurious than other affordable stands we tested. We gave it high marks for its beauty, durability, and easy care.

Most cake stands have a flat top, which is more stable than ones with a raised rim. However, a flat top can make decorating and serving the cake harder. Some cake stands have a narrow indentation on the base just under the top plate that’s perfect for holding the base while you decorate and serve the cake.

If you want to use your cake stand for more than just a display, consider choosing one with a wide or heavy base to increase stability. Many also come with a removable bottom to make cleaning the entire stand easier. Some are dishwasher safe, while others require hand-washing and careful drying to avoid rusting.

If you want a rotating cake stand to help you take Instagram-worthy photos, we recommend the Ateco 612 turntable. It’s the one that nearly every pastry chef and home baker we spoke with uses, and it has a heavy cast iron base that makes it super stable.

Pillivuyt Porcelain Cake Stand

Designed to mimic those used in French patisseries, this porcelain stand is perfect for elevating your favorite desserts, including cookies, pastries and cheeses. It also makes an eye-catching presentation for hors d’oeuvres and tea sandwiches.

This cake stand is made of a white nonporous porcelain that is glazed and dishwasher-safe. It will coordinate with your fine china dinnerware or serve as a beautiful accent piece on its own.

It has a wide base, which provides stability and prevents the stand from rocking when you use it. Having a slightly wider base is also helpful because it limits the amount of crumbs and frosting drips that are likely to occur while serving.

The elegant, smooth pure white appearance of this stand compliments any Pillivuyt porcelain collection. The stand features a subtle raised lip, which is ideal for displaying the top of your cakes and other baked goods.

This stand is stamped with the Ch. Pillivuyt et Cie logo and has gold detailing on the base. We recommend hand-washing this stand to avoid damaging the gold details, and using a mild detergent in warm water. Founded in 1818, Pillivuyt continues to manufacture their products in Foecy near Limoges, France where kaolin deposits were discovered and the first porcelain was made. The company has remained family run, and its renowned for their porcelain that is both beautiful and durable. It passes through 17 hands-on steps that ensures the integrity of their pieces, which are scratch, chip and thermal variation resistant.

La Mano Pottery Ceramic Stand

A cake stand adds elegance to a display of desserts and is also great for serving cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. This stand by Nambe is made from acacia wood and has an easy-carry handle. Its slightly raised rim limits crumbs and helps prevent food from spilling over, making this a functional addition to any table.

A dome limits oxygen exposure to cut portions of a cake, keeping it fresher longer. This ceramic stand is hand-made and glazed by New York City ceramicist Julie Hadley, and each piece is truly unique. It’s perfect for smaller desserts, including mini cupcakes and cheesecakes.

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